As ikigai is one of Japan's most misunderstood words and misappropriated concepts, this summit aims to offer various perspectives on the concept that are respectful to the word's origin and Japanese culture in general.

When is the Ikigai Summit being held?

The summit is being held over 24 hours.

Depending on your location/timezone dates will differ

  • North America - 16th to 17th February
  • Europe - 17th to 18th February.
  • Japan, Asia & Australia - 17th to 18th February

Please refer to the schedule page.

Is the summit a sales event?

No, the Ikigai Summit is not a sales event. There will be no upsells or special offers. Presenters will only reference their websites, social media handles, books and/or research papers.

Will this summit be about the "Ikigai Venn diagram"?

No, the Ikigai Summit will not touch on Westernised Ikigai Venn diagram concept.

Will this summit only cover the ikigai concept?

The summit's main theme is on the ikigai concept, but some presenter will offer presentations or workshops on related concepts or on aspects of Japanese culture.

How can I watch the summit?

The summit will be streamed live via Zoom in a secure private members area.

Will I be able to sign in and out throughout the 24 hours ?

Yes, you can sign and out and back in again as many times as you like during the summit.

Will the presentations be recorded?

Yes, all recordings of the Ikigai Summit will be housed in a membership area. Attendees will have life access to the recordings.

I couldn't attend. Can I purchase the recordings separately?

Yes, recordings will be available for purchase until the end of February 2023. 

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